About Visinno Remedies

Visinno is driven by the philosophy of “innovations and conceptualization”

      Visinno defines innovation as “the process of translating an innovative idea into a good service that creates value and must satisfy the need of the society at an economical cost”

We at Visinno accomplish “innovation” through more effective products, services, processes, technologies and business models.

      We deals with the whole range of product portfolio in pharmaceutical, nutracuetical and herbal segment w.r.to contract research and contract manufacturing.

Safety, Quality and Efficacy

      In an intuitive sense, the Visinno’s concept of Safety, Quality and Efficacy is “the product that works and causes no undue harm”. The intuitive sense is in practice but the standard of measurement of “Safety, Quality and Efficacy” concepts has evolved with increased sophisticated scientific methods.

      We develop innovative products with the predefined objectives, emphasizes product & process understanding and process control, based on sound science and quality risk management.

      We at Visinno, demonstrate not only the quality of a finished product, but also the consistent quality of the raw materials and manufacturing processes involved in its production. The product must be stable, which means that its quality and efficacy are ensured until the stated best before date.

Global Vision

      Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people by providing innovative products that have the highest level of quality / purity / surety – thereby becoming the most valued company.

Our services include......

 Formulation research and development

 Analytical research and development (Analytical method development and validation)

 New Project management, regulatory support

 Documentation and licensing

 DMF and dossier preparation

 Commercial contract manufacturing of finish product and semi-finish products

What you are looking for ...............

Do you need a technical consultation...? Or would you want us to take over all your drug development needs in the emerging market? Are you looking for a contract manufacturers for pharmaceutical / nutraceutical /herbal products irrespective of dosage form....? Are you seeking for regulatory assistance in filing to global health ministry..?

Then you are at the right place ..... We are here....